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Hes Helping Me Get Better.
He Makes Me laugh and Smile 
He Makes It Seem Like My World Isnt Falling Apart
When It Really Is.
It Might Be To Soon
I Think It Might Turn Into Something Else.

April 25, 2014

Knowing you had a girlfriend

Only to not care

Bitch ass hoe still fucked you

Everyone is going to die!

today has been filled with breakdowns. financially, mentally, and emotionally. i’m holding on but its getting so hard!

i keep telling myself to be a big girl! you can do it you’re self.

people keep telling me things will work out and i was finally looking on the brighter side of my day but he just came in and fucked it up.

yeah he cheated.3 times in one night. but no the stupid message he sent me saying so wasn’t enough, he decided let me record it then send it to my girlfriend…

the best part of our 4 hour conversation was the text saying “i told you because i want to restart

Restart what?! the relationship you threw away for a stipid hoenwho didnt care that you had a girlfriend!!